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FTLComm - Tisdale - Thursday, Octobeer 18, 2007

If there is anything that you can count on is that if there isn't a water break and excavation underway today just wait a day or two and there will be. Tisdale is not alone with this problem it happens everywhere, as it is well known that: "most things break." When it comes to water lines they seem to break a lot.

Tisdale has a regular programme of digging up old cast iron lines that are under many of its streets and replacing them with new plastic lines. That seems like a good idea except that we will soon have more gravelled streets in Tisdale than paved ones, as the digging exceeds the rate of repaving by a sizeable margin, especially this year, with no paving whatsoever.

This break was being working on this morning beside the Tisdale Bee as the backhoe was skooping water out of the excavation when I drove by mid morning.

Speaking of water! The new water treatment plant began construction over a year ago, is going to be officially opened on Friday, November 2 between 2:00 and 4:00 when there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 2:00 and then a tour of the plant and some coffee and cake to celebrate the event.

Now let's think about that, the official opening will be in two weeks time, place your bets, how many broken mains between now and then?

Timothy W. Shire

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