FTLComm - Tisdale - July 14, 1999
The summer has got off to a good start as a paving crew has been laying it down. The parking lot at the RecPlex and TMSS has received the treatment including the teacher parking lot and streets around it. This really improves the area and
the new street with its curbs is a major change to the area around the Venice House.

Though the paving of the access and parking lot has been done work proceeds on developing a new parking area on the former municipal yard right in front of the Recplex. No pavement was layed down on the East side of the building.
Patches and large areas around the town are getting pavement fixes including a large amount of the main street which is also highway #35. This main thoroughfare is really suffering from heavy traffic and from end to end looks pretty tough and a few pavement patches will be only a minor bandaid solution.

From the Alliance Tabernacle Church down past the bowling alley the curb and sidewalk have been replaced. This area has a lot of pedestrian traffic and it is good to see this area upgraded.

Though work proceeds each year there are still a few streets that are not hard surfaced the town has made a special effort this year to keep the dust down but these areas are still pretty rough. In some cases these are streets that have been
dug up recently and require some time to settle down before a hard surface can be applied.