Will they make it?

FTLComm - Regina - Thursday, February 26, 2004, Images by : R. W. Shire
We showed you Wascana Lake as the construction project began and then how it looks on the East end as the dirt is hauled east of the bypass. We are now at the end of February and the signs of spring are starting to appear in Regina. It will not be long until the giant work site stretching for over a mile will once again have to hand the flow of spring run off.

The work crews work around the clock with a truck load of dirt moving just over every sixty seconds. Four to five scoops from the back hoe above, are a load for the huge truck and another one takes its place.

These pictures were taken Wednesday afternoon beginning on the Albert Street bridge then from the park in front of the Legislature buildings.

Two large piles of gravel flank the construction project in the middle of the bridge were a pedestrian walkway and control levy are being fashioned with butress piers now going in place to form a new western shore line for the lake just east of the Albert Street Bridge.

The project has caught the attention of Regina people as that are concerned that this very expensive project gets done properly as it is the centre of the city and everyone wants this to be a place of beauty for decades to come. In some of the pictures below (click on the thumbnails to see the full size 10 inch pictures) you can see the layer of plant decay that had choked the lake's life system and has even hampered the digging as it insulated the clay from freezing and to get this excavation done right they want to work with frozen clay.

We will keep you posted on this project with more pictures from the Broad Street bridge which is near the middle of the huge project.


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