Monitoring Underground Storage

FTLComm - Tisdale
January 13, 2000

It is reassuring to see this process take place, several times each year Seven Eleven has been checking to see that what they put in their new tanks, stays in their new tanks. In the fall we showed you a picture of test holes and soil samples be done to check on the area around the underground storage. Yesterday this technician was sending probes down into the capped holes around the site checking the ground water for possible fuel contamination. He explained that he and his company were doing similar regular testing at several other Tisdale fuel selling companies including Imperial Oil.

After reporting to you about the various locations in town that are contaminated and therefore not able to be sold, it is good to be able to show you this positive activity that is taking place to keep a watch on the ground water and the environment here. With the solid clay base under Tisdale and the surrounding area it is extremely important to watch what goes into the ground and make sure things stay put.