Its Time of Year Again

FTLComm - Tisdale - December 5, 1998
Canadians have come to look forward to it, at least that's the positive way of considering the almost daily task of clearing the driveway. As you can see the accumulation of snow is perhaps less then four inches, but might as well get the season started. This Tisdale couple with his and hers shovels were into the job Friday afternoon. You will notice who has the big shovel and who has the power shovel. That is the way it should be, most women are more fit then their spouses and also seem to be more sensible about the amount of strain they place on themselves. Removing snow, even small amounts is hard work and for many who are not that physically active it can be a dangerous activity. As with all things pace and common sense can go a long way in giving the shoveller a chance to do it next year.