Jesus Saves
FTLComm - Tisdale - March 8, 2001
slogan Putting some excess income aside seems like a sound business principle we all need to have some savings of some kind just in case things do not go as planned. I realise that the neon sign on this Pentecostal Church is not referring to a financial or banking procedure but I am somewhat offended at the trivializing of spirituality to a marketing slogan.
Marketing and advertising have become so much a part of life, indeed that seems to the way things have been for a very long time but perhaps with television and shorter and shorter attention spans we see catch phrases being put in front of us in such a pushing and intrusive manner that at some point we need to stop and think a minute about "what the hell is going on here." Its hard to find any item of clothing that does not bear some icon or manufacturer's name, all that we eat, every place we turn our gaze there is some cheap advertising hyping itself and adding to the general visual pollution of every glance.
downgrade If God and his immortal everlasting omnipotence, and his son who became flesh and dwelt among us need to be advertised and proclaimed on a neon sign, does that not downgrade the Almighty's importance to be equated with Subway, Chicken Delight and Hannigans which also have lighted signs on this same street. Is the almighty creator of heaven and earth the being who made the earth in six days and created man in his own image in need of being promoted like the Bank of Montreal, 7-11, Scotia Bank,, the Royal Bank of Canada or Fast Gas?
intelligent Even the simplest of individuals, those who have not been blessed with formal education and time to philosophically contemplate their existence are more than capable of coping with far more than the basics of the here and now. Human beings by definition are remarkably intelligent and advertising and sloganism is so condescending and so perversely stupid that it is an insult to all who are forced to be exposed to it.
As I was writing that last paragraph I got to think about how, dogs, Ravens and other life forms that live with us and share this planet with us must wag their heads and tails, tisk tisking the apparent lack of intelligence demonstrated in advertising and signage. A short interview with the average three or four year old child will also immediately bring you to your senses and clarify yourself as it is our very "sophistication" and communications convolutions that have led us to accept these galling permutations worshiping the deity of "sell, sell, sell."
reputation Really good products do not have to be advertised, their functionality and quality sell themselves. This is also true of those who provide excellent service, we know an honest hard working skilled service provider and we make use of his or her talents simply because word of mouth and reputation are all that they need.
  "Jesus Saves!"
  by:Timothy W. Shire