Calgary, Alberta - Wednesday, September 24, 2003 - by: Jason Inness

in crisis

The federal Liberals have consistently failed the Canadian people in times of crisis. With floods on the east coast, fires in BC, SARS, mad cow, and a major electrical blackout, the "leadership" of the federal Liberals have had plenty of opportunities to show us their crisis management capability. Even long standing trade and economic disasters such as softwood lumber and the east coast fishery have been ignored by the Liberals, including Paul Martin, who is silent on all issues. Makes one wonder why he wants to be Prime Minister so badly.




The Canadian Alliance has even become quiet on these issues, instead focusing all of their resources on same sex marriage. There is little doubt that this debate is emotional and divisive, but it does not have the same impact on people's lives as any of the major disasters that have plagued our country in the last year.




Only the Progressive Conservatives are facing these issues head on which affect Canadian's lives so profoundly. Peter MacKay is the only leader proposing a delegation to Washington to deal directly with the BSE scare. Yesterday in the House of Commons, it was the Tories who demanded that Ottawa pay the bills to the provinces for disaster relief that are still outstanding under the federal relief program. Some are four years old.


If Canadians are looking for a real change in the federal government, they owe it to themselves to give Peter MacKay and the Progressive Conservatives another look.

Jason Inness



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