Kingsley resignation

White Rock B.C. - Tuesday, January 9, 2007 - by: Brian Marlatt

As a genuine Tory, it is a rare moment when I find myself agreeing with Stephen Harper on any subject.

We do owe a great debt of gratitude to Jean-Pierre Kingsley who is leaving his role as Canada's Chief Electoral Officer after a seventeen year distinguished career. It is due to the integrity and unwavering rectitude of Mr. Kingsley and his office that, as Mr. Harper remarks, "Canada is recognized around the world for its commitment to democracy and its highly evolved electoral processes."

It is ironic, too, that Mr.Harper's government now has legislation before parliament which will change the basis of Canadian democracy, federalism and our electoral processes by allowing the provinces to elect Senators to make Ottawa accountable to them and fixing election dates to reduce prime ministerial accountability in parliament.

Ironic too, if Harper's hatchetmen are behind Kingsley's resignation, that it was a rare error in judgment by the retiring Chief Electoral Officer that Stephen Harper and Peter MacKay were allowed to bring an end to the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, the true Tories.


Brian Marlatt

Photo credit: The image of Mr. Kingsley was borrowed from the CBC


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