"PMO paid former Bush aide $24K for advice,"

White Rock B.C. - Tuesday, April 28th- by: Brian Marlatt

I see that that the Harper government has picked two American pitchmen to sell Canada in the US and at the recent London G20 talks, one from the Clinton administration, one from the Bush administration. It is the later, Ari Fleischer, who concerns me. It was Fleischer who as Bush press secretary answered a question regarding the cost of maintaining US forces on the borders of Iraq by saying the "crisis" could be ended for the cost of a bullet and today defends water boarding on the CNN programme Anderson Cooper 360.

Incidently, isn't calling for political assassination an impeachable presidential offence? As White House spokesperson, wasn't Fleischer speaking for the White House and since he wasn't fired was the Bush White House endorsing political assassination of Saddam Hussein? What of the rule of law? Isn't water boarding torture?

What do you say of a Prime Minister who would hire someone like that to pitch Canada to Americans? Does the Harper government have any credibilitly at all? Once again Harper is hurting Canada's reputation in the US and on the international stage. Isn't it time for change to occupancy of the prime minister's office.


Brian Marlatt



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