Queen, Commonwealth and Country

White Rock B.C. - Friday, March 8, 2002 - by: Brian Marlett

of origin

The heated defence of the Commonwealth by our prime minister, the Rt. Hon. Jean Chretien, this week reminds us that what we share as Canadians is greater and more precious than what divides us. In the rich cultural, philosophical and historical connections of our Commonwealth identity are the ties and traditions which bind us together as one nation through the Crown, wherein lies the sovereignty of the people regardless of origin.




Our shared values and traditions make possible our future together and the respect for unity in diversity necessary to Canadian multiculturalism. It is a sense of family, of which the Queen would approve. Like the Queen herself, such values symbolized by the Commonwealth provide us with our distinctiveness, self-confidence, and national character in a time of hemispheric continentalism.



each other

If Monsieur Chretien sometimes seems too presidential for his office, he was correct to say, in his inimitable way, "Talking to each other is very important to resolve problems" in acknowledging the importance of both the Commonwealth's conferences and the Crown in Canadian life (not just in Ontario, as he implied). We can only wish that he would impress these values on the continentalists of his own cabinet such as Mr. Manley and that he himself would be less presidential and more open to talking with his fellow Canadians.




Brian Marlett
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