A Woman's View:
Same sex marriage

West Vancouver - Wednesday, August 27, 2003 - by: Barbara Reid


If, as we are taught to believe that God created males and females, then it follows that he also created all of it, including those both or neither, or whatever the shades of gender differences in between. If we are to believe scientific research, then these differences occur throughout the animal kingdom, as it also does in the plant world. I choose to believe that is the way that this world has been designed; it's not for us to question this wisdom and to just accept that's the way the world is.
  When any two human beings have found each other, and care enough to declare their love to the extent that they wish to share with each other everything they have to give, and make a public declaration that it is so, then it should be a reason to celebrate. What could possibly be more civilized and compassionate? They should be allowed to do this legally for all the spiritual and financial benefits, and for equality under the laws of this land that are involved, however, I have avoided the word marriage deliberately.


I've been a married lady, and have given birth three times. Misses and Mum are my identity, and in our interpretation of the English language; it's as much of who I am as my name is. These are the terms we use to describe what I am in the courts and in our religious beliefs. My rights, and all other married women's rights and dignity, are being severely tampered with. They make a joke of it, and look like little kids playing house by calling it a marriage.


Every time I'm bombarded with the term in the newspapers and on TV, I cringe and am insulted by the term "same sex marriage." It is not a marriage, nor will it ever be, in the English language use of the word.
  They can do as they wish providing it's not jeopardizing the rights of others, which they are with mine. If they're so proud of their commitments, then they also need to come up with their very own word for it. Then we can celebrate that two people have found each other to share with and look after each other.


Barbara Reid



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