Minister of Defense Art Eggleton and Chief of Staff General Ray Henault


Eggleton and Canadian Forces Officers

Saskatoon - Sunday, March 3, 2002 - by: J. Howard Baxter CD, PSAC, Major (retired)
  As a retired military officer with 27 years of Regular Force Service, I consider it an honour to express my deep sense of pride and respect for Vice Adm. Guy Madison, and General Ray Henault, two officers who would not compromise their personal integrity and honesty.




I refer to the National Post, Feb, 28, page A6 entitled "The Eggleton Affair"




The conduct of the Prime Minister and members of his caucus in this instance are an excellent example of why they must be replaced.




The best example of this lack of integrity and honesty is shown by Liberal Dennis Mills MP who implies that any military officer who wouldn't lie to take the heat off the Minister should be fired when he suggests that they are " working for the wrong in the wrong company" as quoted by Tim Naumetz of Southham News.




Obviously, we need to express our support and appreciation for these officers who are demonstrating the integrity and honesty that our present Government so clearly lacks




Major J. Howard Baxter (retired)
  February 28, 2002, PM brushes off calls for Defence Minister to quit, by Tim Naumetz, National Post