Where there is no vision,
the people perish

Richmond Hill, Ontario - Thursday, February 15, 2007 - by: Robert Ede

Only with an defined objective, can we manage-backwards from that objective and set in motion the steps required to achieve the predetermined end. (Mis-quoting Myron Baloney, the seemingly indefatigable, Rt Hon, political influence)

I chanced upon the National Post yesterday morning and found a common thread through these articles:

Canadian Citizenship also has a price;

AudGen Report -Old Problems not fixed;

West squares off on emissions; BC version
West Squares off - Alberta version

Charter at 25 - Special Interests;

Mish Mash Tax Plans.

Canada's leaders have no vision.
As a result the country, if not actually perishing, is not flourishing as it might.

They are not leaders, they are followers.

Canada's leaders are keeping themselves in power (or attempting to) by running to the front of every perceived parade.

Ed Stelmach quote in the Alberta version above, nails it - "... Referring to the federal environment file as a 'runaway train' with 'every political party trying to get ahead of each other' on cutting greenhouse gases ..."

So let's start there

  • why is Kyoto about 1990 levels?
  • why does everyone seem to be confusing pollution and greenhouses gases?
  • How can both BC (lets jump on board with both feet) and Alberta (emission-credit trading is stupid and purposeless) be right?
  • If one of them is wrong, which one? and how will the wrong one atone for their wronged-ness when their error is discovered? the money mis-spent following the wrong course and therefore NOT spent on something else (or is that double-accounting?)

Tax Code

  • The tax code is too complex because every item in the code is a special-treatment i.e. a direct or indirect subsidy.
  • Can no one see that simplicity here (broadening the tax base to everything) would reduce tax rates .... and that the current high rates that everybody is complaining about are a result of the special-treatments, that everybody enjoys in some aspect of there life in Canada.

Citizenship & Taxation

Chen and Mintz summarises the Canadian mish-mash of world-wide taxation and benefits best in his last paragraph

"Although the federal and provincial governments tax absentee Canadian residents on their worldwide income, they will not extend medical coverage during extended absences from the country. At the same time, however, we will readily provide rescue services to non-resident citizens who do not pay any Canadian taxes. Thus, there is no coherent tax link between the cost and benefits of being Canadian. In order to be fair, non-resident citizens should contribute toward the financial benefits of holding Canadian passports."

Problems that don't seem to get fixed Passports/Coast Guard/ SIN/ Federal Buildings

  • The Auditor General can spot these management and stewardship problems after the fact ... what we need is a reinstatement of the Comptroller-General's Office to nip problems before they happen.
  • Damn the 1962 Glassco Royal Commission report that suggested we "let the managers manage" - they've blown there chance. Revive supervision over Cabinet / Departmental spending.

    (NB this is the role of the Treasury Board and Privy Council ... or rather WAS the role until 1940 when Wm L M King took over the Privy Council under cover of war.)

The Conditional Charter of group rights and justicible (thereby provisional) freedoms

Tasha Kheiriddin (destined to be the first woman to be Prime Minister for more than a few months) ties together all she hates about this 25 yr old millstone with a marvellous outline of the 'vision' that caused it's creation.

(NB visions aren't always correct, popular, do-able but without one, NOTHING coherent gets done.)

It's rare that I grant too much credit to he late Mr Trudeau, but I do believe he knew exactly where he was going when he de-criminalized the sex-practises of his comrades in anything-goes sexuality (why else did the FLQ manifesto call him a tapette? -alliteration?)

This fellow had a vision of a fabian/socialist central government dreamland (which we are as poised as ever to become) but he was wise enough to keep it to himself.

Vision - we need one. One that (this time) we know about and agree upon. For one practical reason. Only with an defined objective, can we manage-backwards from that objective and set in motion the steps required to achieve the predetermined end.

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