Conrad Black for Governor General!

Richmond Hill, Ontario - Monday, April 2, 2007 - by: Robert Ede

Conrad Black's column, Dumont poised to be new Duplessis, (pdf) Nat Post March 31/07 A1, is marvellous!!

His encapsuation of the history and motives of the

"non-separatist nationalists and conservatives", "(t)he guardians and champions of the bonne entente movement ", "the authentic spokesmen for the culture and the state of Quebec ", "(t)he elites of Quebec ... (who had) ... desire(d) to preserve a fiefdom of isolated French Canadians they could exploit", "the secularization of the (Quebec) elites", the "avaricious descendants of the Norman and Breton peasants ... (who discovered an) ... intellectually presentable method of redistributing money from the English and Jewish upper income groups of Quebec to the new haut-fonctionnaire apparat", the populists who put forward the " egregious confidence trick of sovereignty and association... (wherein) Quebec would eat its cake, and still retain it in its lap, it would exchange embassies with the world while receiving equalization payments ... a complete fraud "

is what every Canadian must understand about Quebec and the politics of getting elected to Ottawa.

Short of dreaming that the populace will actually become so enlightened, may I propose an equally effective solution - appoint Conrad Black as the next Governor General.

Surely the oomph of "Your Excellency" outstrips "M'Lord" any day.

  Black, Conrad, Conrad Black: Dumont poised to be new Duplessis, (pdf) March 31, 2007, the National Post

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