Our Queen's visit on her 50th year, images borrowed from the CBC


Her Majesty The Queen

White Rock, B.C. - Friday, October 11, 2002 By: Rudy Fernandes


Columnist Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun (10/10/02), and deputy prime minister, John Manley should shut-up during Her Majesty The Queen's stay in Canada. Notwithstanding their ill conceived opinions, their ill manners are a disgrace, world wide, to Canadians. Ms. Yaffe's reference to the Queen of Canada as Ms (note the feminist Ms. not Mrs.) Windsor and plain Elizabeth are crude, rude insults. One wonders about the home training both received as children.


Barbara Yaffe and John Manley should read the Vancouver Sun Editorial of October 8/02 which stated:
"Yet they help to engender in us the virtues of effort, manners, respect, timing and tradition." "...she (the Queen) will continue to represent and honour these virtues."
  Both Yaffe and Manley should take a lesson because obviously they were not taught these virtues as children.


Our Queen is the head of the Commonwealth, the largest multilingual, multicultural family in the world. She is directly connected to Canada's history and heritage.


Would Ms. Yaffe toss out the head of her family, so harshly, by calling for her removal? Wouldn't Ms. Yaffe de-value her own family history and heritage?
  John Manley suggested pop singer, Celine Dion would make a better head of state. Aside from history and heritage, would Celine Dion have all the virtues described in the Vancouver Sun's editorial? What utter nonsense!

Rudy J. Fernandes

  Yaffe, Barbara, Manley sticks the pin in the royal balloon Vancouver Sun Thursday, October 10, 2002


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