We can not blame the poor for terrorism

Princeton, Ontario - Monday, Septmber 30, 2002 - by: Rebecca Gingrich




There are lies, damn lies, and polls.


That a man (Prime Minister Chretien) who has lived at the public trough most of his adult life could utter such inane babble is ridiculous. Wonder if his homeless friend told him that?


If the terrorists were so concerned about the plight of the poor in their countries, why not use their money to alleviate that situation, rather than cause such devestation in another country? It is always easier for a zealot to condemn what is wrong in another country, rather than clean up a corrupt situation in their own country.




What has this act of terrorism done to better the lot of the poor in their respective countries, or our own, for that matter?
  I have come to the conclusion that the Liberals have chosen to defeat an 'enemy' that they know they can defeat. Rather than admit that there are terrorists in Canada, they have chosen to name the poor and disabled as the enemy of the taxpayer, to be refused the meager funds they need to exist, to be erased from the Canadian landscape, all because the rules have changed and they didn't fill out a form.


Chretien's words may still come back to haunt him. The poor and disabled of Canada may just take his words to heart. After all, he has justified violence if you are poor. Heaven knows, under Liberal rule, there are many more poor than when they started.


Rebecca Gingrich

  Sewell, Kristy Terrorists not poor, September 28, 2002, Ensign



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