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The End Does Not-----

Princeton, Ontario - Monday, April 14, 2003 - by: Rebecca Gingrich



of life

I agree with almost all of what Brian Marlatt has written--except the removal of the Ba'ath Party with minimal loss of life. Why would it make Brian ecstatic that a super power has removed any party? How does this equate with Democracy? What an oxymoron. Who determines how much of a loss of life and property has impacted the Iraqi people?

in 1998

This was a propaganda driven war from the outset. Actually the plans for this war were written in 1998 by the very people who are now directing this 'war'. Despicable. I have downloaded an article from that shows Rumsfeld and Hussein shaking hands. It details the US interests in Iraqi oil from 1911. Anyone that believes anything else is not thinking.




The propaganda stated by Powell in Britain the other day in answer to a question about the US invasions of countries and what do they want from these countries is a prime example of their 'tugging at the heart strings' answers. The answer given by Powell was that 'the US only asks for enough ground to bury their dead' is a bunch of baloney--the US has taken their war dead home for many years.




I have just listened to an interview with Jon Alterson from the Center for Strategic Studies and his read on the situation is that he doesn't think the Bush administration have thought through this entire situation and the results of the US meddling in this region. We could be in for the biggest upheaval since the Second World War.



is still

You are so right--the end does not justify the means--and we will be paying for this mad move by the US for years to come. Are not the Iraqi people just as dead from US bombs as they were from Hussein? How does killing by one group make the dead any less dead? The sanitized images we see on TV make it just another TV show--we cannot even begin to imagine the horror that these people have been through. If anyone believes that Iraqi oil will be used for the people of Iraq you just has to look around themselves. Oil revenue always goes to the companies that own that oil--and with Cheney's former company, Halliburton, getting the lions share.


Rebecca Gingrich

  ps--I went to St. Jacobs today and saw many signs in shops that state they are proudly selling goods made in Canada. This may finally be the start of some patriotism in Canada. Why do we always have to kiss the backside of the US--are we also not a sovereign nation?
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