"Psst, Need a new ship for your fleet?"

Princeton, Ontario - Monday, June 23, 2003 - by: Rebecca Gingrich




How dumb is dumb?




How dumb do the feds think taxpayers are?




What difference does it make whether Martin knew or not? The point here is that tax dollars went to fund an MP's business.




It is not Christmas--did Martin just wake up and find all this money in his stocking? Was it a big surprise?


  We have a collapsing fisheries, SARS, BSE, a healthcare crisis, a military with no equipment going into a battle zone, submarines that aren't seaworthy and helicopters that don't fly, but by God, we will have new ships for Paul's private industry!!!
  The other incidentals are only affecting Canadians, so are not a high priority.
  Proud to be a dumb Canadian---NOT


Rebecca Gingrich

  Ottawa Sun, Friday, June 20, 2003
  Feds ship cash to Martin's biz
  By BILL RODGERS, Parliamentary Bureau
  A St. Catharines shipbuilding company, in which Paul Martin holds a 25% stake, has received a federal government investment of $4.9 million.

Industry Minister Allan Rock, who announced his support for Martin's bid for the Liberal party leadership earlier this month, announced the "conditionally repayable investment" to Canadian Shipbuilding and Engineering.

Industry Canada said the company would receive the money from the Technology Partnerships Canada program to design "a state-of-the-art" Great Lakes ship. It will put the company in a lead position to replace and modernize the aging Canadian laker fleet.

"Here we go again," said Walter Robinson of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, who said it is legitimate for Canadians to ask if any favouritism was shown in awarding the nearly $5-million investment.

"This question will be asked repeatedly given the large corporate, conglomerate ownership of which the Martin family is a part of," said Robinson.


Scott Reid, a Martin aide, said, "I can tell you with certainty that Mr. Martin would not have been aware of any application of that kind."

Industry Canada was clearly sensitive to how the public would perceive yesterday's announcement. Officials contacted ethics counsellor Howard Wilson about the matter. Wilson told the Sun: "Mr. Martin was not involved in this and it was handled in the normal fashion."

Martin's vast holdings remain in a blind trust.
  Industry Canada, Government of Canada and Canadian Shipbuilding & Engineering Partner in a Strategic Investment in Great Lakes Ships, June 19, 2003, Industry Canada Web site



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