Minster of National Defence Art Eggleton


Denying and Deluding Differ

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Monday, January 28, 2002 - by: Joe Hueglin


There's a difference between denying and deluding.




Denying Alpohonso Gaqliano and Maria Minna were removed from Cabinet to avoid
embarrassment in Question Period, or that Herb Gray was involuntarily dumped months before his
40th anniversary as a Member of Parliament, is one thing. No one expects the government to do
anything else.




Seeking to avoid uncomfortable situations by deluding us is quite another thing.




Art Eggleton daring to suggest that our troops "will probably benefit from wearing green fatigues,
especially during night missions when they can camouflage their presence." (1) is either self
delusion on his part or an overt attempt to delude us. Paul Martin and Jean Chretien acting as
though they were the Happy Gang about the dollar again is the same, "NO real problem! Be
happy!. The fundamentals are sound!" Shades of Herbert Hoover !




Recognizing problems exist and taking steps to address them is leadership. Unfortunately while
this approach, while taken in to problems affecting the well being of the Liberal Government, it is
absent when it comes to matters affecting the public.
  Joe Hueglin
5838 Mouland Avenue
Niagara Falls, Ontario


Dressing troops leaves Eggleton fatigued By STEPHANIE RUBEC -- Sun
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