"Between the saddle and the ground, forgiveness sought, . . . "

  Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Friday, January 12, 2007
by: Joe Hueglin

Federal Environment Minister John Baird, (lower left) like unto St. Paul on the road to Damascus, has changed his thinking. His visitation to Stanley Park in Vancouver has led him to proclaim

"a wake-up call for Canadians on the potential dangers of climate change".*

Fellow New Government of Canada Cabinet Minister Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn, (upper left) likewise affected by the devastation, has promised

"the federal government will step in to provide assistance to rehabilitate the park."


Through their words both have altered their positions: Baird in accepting climate change as a reality; Lunn, contrary to government policy, asserting the power of the Federal Government to spend in a provincial/municipal jurisdictions.

Whether based on recognition of reality or reaction to polling figures their conversions bring to mind the saying "Between the saddle and the ground, forgiveness sought, forgiveness found." That "foregiveness" is being sought is clear, that it will be found is yet to be determined.



Joe Hueglin

Levitz, Stephanie, Wacky weather wake-up call on climate change: federal environment minister (PDF) January 6, 2007, Macleans Magazine
Photo credits: background image CP Photo/Vancouver Sun- Peter Battistoni


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