Is "a full debate in the House of Commons on the SPP" needed?

  Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Friday, February 23, 2007
by: Joe Hueglin

According to this Press Release Tri -National Ministerial Meeting To Star Rice and Chertoff Canada's relationships with the United States are being reshaped by executive decisions made without input from the general public nor their elected representatives.

Stated in the White House Fact Sheet of March 23, 2005 the approach to be taken was to "Consult with stakeholders (in the business sector, state and local governments, and non-governmental organizations) in their respective countries;". There are those (cited below) who argue this mandate has not been fulfilled.



According to your knowledge and that of your peers has this approach been taken?

If the answer is no, the question arises ought both transparency and accountability in the reshaping of our continental relationships be instituted forthwith, or not?


Joe Hueglin

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