Building a strong and united Canada? Not!

  Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Thursday, March 29, 2007
by: Joe Hueglin

Prime Minister Harper statements on the results of the Quebec election in the quote and the official response below presage where Canada is headed: toward a "federalism of openness " that gives "more power and resources to provinces.". One in which "Canada’s New Government is committed to building a stronger and better Quebec within a strong and united Canada.”

Shifting powers and resources to the provinces is not a "hidden agenda" of the Prime Minister. In 1995 "New Confederation proposals","a package of 20 measures to modernize and decentralize Canada." were enunciated in a NewsRelease. Through alterations in jurisdictional powers (1., 2., 7, 8, 9.) and powers of appointment (15., 16., 17., 18..) as well as limitation on federal government actions (10., 13.) the proposals weaken the role of the national government. None are directed at building a strong Federal Government serving all


Canadians, aside from federal intrusion into provincial jurisdiction in "6. Municipal Affairs Strengthen the role of municipal governments in the delivery of essential services."

How many of those voting in the upcoming general election are fully aware of these directions of the New Government of Canada, or partially, or vaguely, compared with no awareness at all? "New Government of Canada" in the fullest sense in that none before it, Liberal or Conservative, viewed Canada in the manner as do those now holding office.

Whether supporting or opposing these steps purported to modernize Canada you will, I hope agree, the federal structure of Canada will have been, will have been very substantially, if not irrevocably changed, should they be implemented. The general public ought to be made aware this alteration weakening the national government is under way as some steps have been implemented (12.) or are under way (15.) .


Joe Hueglin

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