Harper Handbook: "We are not amused"

  Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Monday, May 21, 2007
by: Joe Hueglin

"We are not amused".is reputed to have been stated by VICTORIA DEI GRATIA REGINA , the monarch whose birthday we celebrate today.

Revelations of a secret handbook detailing methodology of controlling House of Commons Committees will have "We are not amused." reactions of several kinds.

Supporters of Prime Minister Harper will be saying "How could they be so dense as to put something like that in writing?"

"Who can we trust! No one at the meeting could possibly be a Judas! Could they?" will be the thoughts of the Prime Ministers Office staff.

The opposition parties will be gleeful rather than amused for they will be able to rise in high dudgeon.


The average non-partisan Canadian will hear from someone "They talked a good line, but when push comes to trust you can't trust any politician".

No one, but no one will be amused as Parliamentary procedure is further debased by those who proudly proclaim themselves to be the New Government of Canada.


Joe Hueglin

Bryden, Joan, Tories blasted for handbook on paralysing Parliament (pdf) May 18, 2007, Canadian Press


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