In the colony of Canada: The role of the U.S. army at Montebello. What will it be?

  Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Sunday, July 15, 2007
by: Joe Hueglin

Commandeering the Papineauville municipal community centre six kilometers from where the August meeting of the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States will take place was poorly done. Aside from failing to inform the Council of Canadians of the security based need directly the Papineauville official's delivery of the peremptory order raises questions.

The official who called the Council said "the RCMP, the Surete du Quebec and the U.S. army would not allow the municipality to rent the facility to the council for the planned forum. They didn't want us to rent it to anyone because they need the room there to put equipment and special vehicles". (1)


The United States Secret Service’s role is to protect their President (2). In what capacity is the U.S. army involved in this operation on Canadian soil? Does it require room "to put equipment and special vehicles."? Does or does not the "equipment" include firearms and "duty" weapons, whatever these may be?(3)

By August 20, 2007 the Gazetted "Exemption Regulations (Persons), Statutory authority, Export and Import Permits Act" ( Vol. 141, No. 25 June 23, 2007 of the Canada Gazette (3) ) will be in effect allowing foreign nationals participating in programs "designed to address numerous situations, including . . . the safety and security of those individuals travelling to and from Canada and the ongoing cooperation between Canadian law enforcement agencies and the agencies of our allies." to carry weapons. Will these exemptions be applied to U.S. army personnel?

The manner of cancellation of the Council of Canadians meeting informed us the U.S. army is involved. Precise information on the role it will play in providing security for the Security and Prosperity Partnership summit in August ought to be sought and obtained from the Government of Canada.


Joe Hueglin

1. Butler, Don, Police nix meeting near world leaders (pdf) July 12, 2007, The Ottawa Citizen

2. Unites States Secret Service, Protective mission (as seen on web July 15, 2007)


3. O'Neill, Mary Assistant Clerk of the Privy Council, Exemption regulations, Vp;. 141, No. 25, June 23, 2007, Government of Canada



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