Do Harper's Conservatives "walk the line" or cross it?

  Niagara Falls, Ontario,
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
by: Joe Hueglin

Using Members of Parliament letterhead and free mailing privileges to send letters to wheat farmers asking support for those candidates favouring New Government policy in Canadian Wheat Board Directors elections may or may not be ethical.

The RCMP is probing allegation that wheat board voter list was improperly accessed in that some of the letters sent were to addresses with typographical errors found only on the voters' list. A list "that according to the law governing the wheat board, . . . is only supposed to be available to candidates in an election." raises not only a question of ethics but that of illegal action.


This latest action in the Campaign Against the Canadian Wheat Board may well add a third court case to those relating to The In-and-Out Scam and The Chuck Cadman Affair. Should the NDP threat of legal action over caucus taping materialize as well there would be a fourth.

Again and again and again the necessity arises to question whether Harper's Conservatives' view of what it is to "Walk the line" is, in point of law, crossing it.

One thing is certain: all concerned about Stephen Harper's directions for Canada must keep their "eyes wide open all the time."


Joe Hueglin


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