Niagara Falls, Ontario - WEdnesday, October 30, 2002 - by: Joe Hueglin


Supporting ratification of the Kyoto Accord is an act of faith.


Using more energy than other peoples in the Western world, out of necessity arising from our colder climate and the distances we have to travel, being bound by treaty without knowing the impact on our lives is folly for any believing in the adage "Look before you leap".
  • How will the costs of heating our homes and driving our vehicles be affected?

  • What increases in the prices of goods will there be due to higher production and transportation costs?

  • How will our ability to compete with American producers be affected?
  These questions relating to our every day living and the future economic well being of our economy are at present unanswered.




They ought to be before we are all bound by those blindly supporting ratification.


Joe Hueglin

  Nova Scotia says it will fight Ottawa over Kyoto , October 30, 2002, CBC News
  Gilroy, Rob, PM won't meet premiers until Kyoto is ratified, October 30, 2002, CTV news
  Schwartz, Alyssa Anderson says provinces unlikely to block Kyoto, October 27, 2002, CTV news
  Ottawa rejects Alberta's request for Kyoto delay , October 10, 2002, CBC News
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