Are your local politicians farsighted?

Niagara Falls, Ontario - Monday, February 11, 2002 - by: Joe Hueglin


According to Finance Minister Paul Martin already "a number of interesting propositions and proposals have come in from municipalities and from provinces." seeking a piece of the $2 billion Deputy Prime Minister Manley was given responsibility for portioning out "in consultation with his colleagues".




While this is double the amount Jane Stewart had in the last project of this nature, it's bound to be doled out faster 'cause there are no departmental officials to go through. Your municipal officials had better get moving quickly or you won't get your fair share of pork.


Indeed, this being the fourth project of this nature since 1993, local projects should already have been costed out. So, check this out and see just how farsighted your Council has been.
  Joe Hueglin
  Greg Weston - Sun Media - The pork barrel sloppeth over