Disagree with Police article

Friday, April 9, 2004 - by:Tina Lacroix


I often visit your site just to see what is happening around Tisdale and I appreciate having up to date news from Tisdale.


I am writing you in response to the World Health Day Police Checks article you wrote dated today, April 7.


I do not think that you should be making such wild accusations against the police force in regards to their gun usage. You have made it sound like police in general are trigger happy idiots! That is not fair.


As for their use of bullet proof vests, how many times do we hear of news stories where a driver has flipped out and a simple road check has turned into a full scale police chase. Who is to say these irrational drivers are not the carriers of guns.


As far your comment that police carrying guns makes you feel very "unsettled", I would be far more unsettled if they did not. I appreciate the fact that they are able to protect the people of our community if they need to.
  I am also very disturbed with the comment you made about aboriginal people being targeted by the police, and that by you, not being aboriginal, you are somehow safer. I do believe that maybe there are more incidents of aboriginal people being apprehended by the police, but I also believe that there are more cases of aborigine's committing crimes so it is all in proportion. There are cases where there has been unfair treatment of aborigine's, but there are also cases of unfair treatment of caucasian's alike. (David Millgard for one)
  Just for your information, I am not related to any police officers, nor do I know any personally. I am just a concerned citizen that feels that you are shafting our police service!


Tina Lacroix



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