Joe Clark (standing right) campaigning in by-election with St, Boniface's Mike Reilly


Federal PC's Have Leader -- Need Candidates

Brandon - Wednesday, July 3, 2002 - by: Andrew Lane


Joe Clark plans to continue as leader of the Progressive Conservative Party -- at least voters will have one trustworthy and experienced leader in federal politics.



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While the Progressive Conservatives have a strong leader, the challenge will be to recruit candidates that will raise the bar of elected public service.



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The current Liberal government is crushing public respect for our Members of Parlament with a steady stream of scandal and amateurish infighting. This has to harm prospects for recruiting quality candidates.




Canadians have demonstrated that they will not support a radical political party; despite the fear mongering of Mr. Chrétien and Mr. Martin in our last election. So, in my view it is left to Canada's other centrist party, the Progressive Conservatives, to recruit and show us candidates worthy of our support, despite the tainted image of elected office.




The public and business have been doing their part in generating growth and opportunity; we deserve political representatives that will support us rather than using tax dollars as a slush fund for their business and personal friends!

Andrew Lane
(MBA, BA Honours)