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Waldeck - Tuesday, November 5, 2002 - by:Joyce Neufeld



The plight of farmers hit by this years disasterous dought continues to hit media




But, picture this - A ship loaded with passengers and crew, runs into foul weather and is
in danger of sinking. Passengers and crew cling desperately to anything they can, hoping
to somehow survive the storm. A nearby ship, assessing the situation comes to their aid,
and offers it's assistance. Imagine the stunned reaction of the 'rescue ship' when the crew of the 'distressed ship' turns down their offer of help, stating that it is not in the rescue ships mandate to do this!!!!




Impossible you say!! Not if the 'distressed ship' is operated by the Western Canadian
Wheat Growers Association
(WCWGA) and the rescue ship is the Canadian Wheat
(CWB). That is exactly what happened this past summer, when the CWB (at the
request of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture) offered to use its transportation
expertise to negotiate pelletted feed haul-back from Vancouver and/or Thunder Bay to
specific prairie locations for the farmers. (The cars presently return empty).


The fact that the WCWGA skuttled a deal that would have helped many drought devistated farmers/ranchers did not set well with many producers. With the CWB elections right around the corner, producers would be well advised to keep in mind who really has their best interests at heart.

Joyce Neufeld



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