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Waldeck - Monday, October 30, 2006 - by:Joyce Neufeld

Surprise Surprise! Brad Wall and his Saskatchewan Party are in bed with Stephen Harper’s Torys!

According to a November 16 Leader Post article and CBC news, The Saskatchewan NDP brought forth a motion calling on the federal conservatives to “respect current federal legislation and to honour the democratic process” by allowing all producers to vote on any changes to the Canadian Wheat Board. With the exception of Glen Hart (Last Mountain-Touchwood) the Saskatchewan Party voted en masse against the motion!

The Saskatchewan Party then must also support Strahl’s firing of pro-board directors replacing them with pro-open market directors, the removal of 16,000+ voters from the CWB voters list, the gag order placed on the CWB, and now the ultimate firing of CWB President and CEO Adrian Measner if he doesn’t follow Tory policy. What is Measner’s crime? – saying that farmers and not the minority federal government should be deciding CWB policy. The November 9/06 Western Producer reported that on November 3/06, Strahl (commenting on his pro-open market board appointments) stated that he has no plans to replace Measner! Talk about two faced!

Bob Bjornerud even accused the NDP of playing one farmer against the other! Just wait until there are 85,000 farmers competing against each other in an open market – much to the delight of the Corporate Grain Trade!


Joyce Neufeld


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