Brian Trueblood Alberta Canola Producers, Albert Wagner President Western Barley Growers, Dwayne Anderson CEO NorthEast Terminal LTD, Buck Spencer former UGG director and Jim Downey former Manitoba Minister of Agriculture all CARE candidates for Canadian Wheat Board directorships.


Agri-business undermines Canadian Wheat Board

Waldeck - Tuesday, November 5, 2002 - by:Henry Neufeld



The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) Elections are again upon us. It appears that the anti- board groups are gathering themselves into an organization called CARE.




CARE and other Board opponents have, for a long time been calling for more transparency and accountability from the CWB. Well, big surprise - it is now CARE that refuses to be transparent and accountable about who is secretly providing funding to promote anti-board candidates.




We do know from the last election at least one major grain Company, UGG-ADM (Now Argicore-United) secretly provided financing to CARE. It is probably a safe bet other Agri-businesses are doing the same thing.


Prior to mailing their ballot, all farmers should ask themselves, would the farmers or the corporate sector be the big winners, should the marketing powers of the CWB be undermined?

Henry Neufeld

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