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Waldeck - Friday, June 9, 2006 - by:Henry Neufeld

For a year and a half, or maybe even longer, we have had to endure the Sask. Party’s leader, Mr. Brad Wall, telling us how inept the N.D.P. record for job creation is, and how many more jobs there would be if he (Brad Wall) were Premier of this province. A fair question would be, ‘does Mr. Wall even know what is going on in Saskatchewan?’

The June 2/06 Leader Post has a front page headline “A Job For Nearly Everyone”. Statistics Canada survey results indicates Saskatchewan’s employment rate in 2005 hit 65%. The highest in 30 years. At the same time, unemployment averaged 5.12%

According to Sask Trend monitor, the high employment and low unemployment means the province has almost reached the point where there’s a job for every person who wants to work. The 65% employment rate includes people 15 and over. Adjusting for people of working age (20 to 60), the percentage is around 80%

For aboriginals living off reserves, the employment rate falls to 52%. The only group not fully sharing in the job market.

My guess is, Mr. Wall hasn’t a clue what the employment rate is in this province, why else would he keep yapping about no jobs?

For the leader of the opposition, once having staked out his propaganda position, it is kind of embarrassing to back peddle to a more honest position.


Henry Neufeld

  Silverthorn, Colleen, A job for nearly everyone, (pdf) June 2, 2006, Regina Leader Post


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