Why the big hurry?

Waldeck - Saturday, September 30, 2006 - by:Henry Neufeld

As printed in The Regina Leader Post, (Sept. 9/06) a report released in Ottawa urges the Conservative Government to move quickly in dismantling the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). This recommendation is a follow up to a July 27 closed door meeting the new Conservative Government had with some anti-wheat Board farmers and grain industry representatives in Saskatoon.

Why the big hurry? Could it be the government is afraid farmers will come to realise this is nothing more than another attack on their incomes?

The news is out, the CWB returns to grain producers 800 million dollars each year above the world price because of the marketing power of the single desk. An example of this would be with CWB marketing all wheat and barley while farmers still retain ownership of this grain, not the Board. So, all premium prices come back to the producers. Without Board, marketing the grain will be sold to the private grain companies (as is done on the open market now) and it is not reasonable to expect them to market in the interest of farmers. For more details on these cash benefits go to www.nfu.ca and click on The Canadian Wheat Board what’s it worth?

As I write this, I recall other actions by government that have severely reduced the incomes of western grain producers.

Was it not government action that took away the statutory freight agreement known as the Crow Rate? I hardly need ask how much that reduces each farmer’s yearly income. They already know.

Not long after the Crow took flight, more government action dismantled the two price wheat agreement and another three to four hundred million up in smoke each and every year.

Now, the latest planned action against the CWB by the new Conservative Government will blow another gigantic hole in the western grain producers pay cheque for years to come. Strangely, some farmers actually support giving away the only market power they have on the world scene.

I am well aware farmers have had it tough for quite some time. So, I ask of western farmers, are you going to let the Members of Parliament you helped elect attack your income again?


Henry Neufeld

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