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Brad Wall's hidden vision

Waldeck - Sunday, May 6, 2007 - by: Henry Neufeld

As reported in the Southwest Booster of May 3.07, Brad Wall (Saskatchewan Party) shared his new vision for the province. But, not all that surprising, the report had not one word of what that vision might be, unless denigrating the N.D.P. is the major part of his vision.

But, I do know one thing about the Saskatchewan Party. They have a plan to change labour legislation to make it more ‘business friendly’ if they ever govern this province. Could this be a throwback to Wall’s training in the Grant Devine government?

Devine also never said one word before his election about what he had in store for labour. A striking parallel with the Saskatchewan Party’s secret plan for a business friendly work force.

It was after Devine took office that all hell broke loose. Who does not remember regulations giving firms the right to set up spin off companies (double breasting) to by-pass union tradesmen and drive down wages? That was the beginning of a mean spirited attack on employee rights and benefits. Or, things like 200 highway workers fired so the work could be handed out to private contractors. I well remember Swift Current MLA Pat Smith’s cynical comments about the workers loosing their jobs (
"We didn’t fire them, we transferred them to the private sector"). But, I hardly need continue with that lengthy list of labuor bashing. Workers know those times all too well.

In Devine’s last term, he could see the writing on the wall for his government, so he tried to do as much damage as possible by quickly transferring Saskatchewan Crown Corporation profits to rich investors.

Like Brad Wall I also have a vision, but in mine it seems workers may be letting themselves in for a licking for a second time in the near future.


Henry Neufeld

Wanner, Jenna, Saskatchewan Party gearing for fall campaign, (pdf), May 3, 2007, The Southwest Booster


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