Saskatchewan labour laws one sided

Waldeck - Monday, October 22, 2007 - by: Henry Neufeld

The corporate supporters of the Saskatchewan Party are now applauding the news that Saskatchewan finally has fair and democratic labour legislation. But, is this legislation fair, or just another sneak attack on the workers of this province?

Who cannot understand in an employer-employee situation, the employer holds all the power, while a unorganized employee approaches such a situation literally with cap in hand. For most employers they want to keep it that way. If only they could deal with their employees on an individual basis (that is, no Union).

Before we had these new, fair and democratic labour laws, employees had the right to organize themselves away from the prying eyes of the employer. But, not anymore, with this new legislation the employer has the right to interfere.

Does anyone really believe the employer is interested in helping his employees organize?

As Murray Mandryk said in his Leader Post column, there may now be little that can be done to prevent employers from subtly bullying and intimidating their workers during certification.

With employers new found right to scare the hell out of his workers, I expect a whole lot more workers will be too intimidated to join a union while the employer is watching.

Devine must be proud of Brad Wall, his former trainee.


Henry Neufeld


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