Dwayne Anderson - resign

Melville, Tuesday, April 4, 2006 by: Edward Sagan
Dwayne Anderson, District #7 Canadian Wheat Board (CWB) director, said the worst thing current CWB elected board of directors can do is fight change.

We understand Mr. Anderson taking the same stand as Western Canadian Wheat Growers (WCWG), representing the multi-national grain and chemical companies.

Remember, Mr. Anderson and his WCWG indicated it was OK for the Crow Rate to go; now we are paying $1.61 per bushel to ship our grain or about $15,000.00 per farmer.

Remember when Mr. Anderson said it is OK to build inland terminals? Yes, taxpayers of Saskatchewan are paying for the insane policies of the right-wing organization which Mr. Anderson is involved with.

There is something wrong with the system. The inland terminals, railways and chemical companies are doing very well, and yet farmers are going broke.

If the open market is so great why are US farmers living off government handouts? It seems for the last 30 years, US farmers are getting welfare cheques yearly.

To bring Mr. Anderson up to date, Section 47.1 of CWB Act requires that a vote be held among producers before any commodity is removed from board jurisdiction.

I want the CWB to stand up for us farmers. The CWB won 14 trade wars with the USA about export wheat. Remember the winter of 1997 when railroads refused to haul our grain? Again the CWB won that case against the railroads.

Mr. Anderson, for the last three years you did not learn anything about the CWB.

To do justice, I ask you to resign from the Wheat Board and give back your income of $44,500.00 per year, or approximately $133,800.00 to farmers as you did not earn it..
Edward Sagan


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