Four cheers to PC Phoenix project!

Hamilton, Ontario, - Monday, April 12, 2004 by : Rob Shanahan




What a wonderful dawn in our political neighbourhood!  The Progressive Conservative (Canadian) party lives anew.  It has shaken off burnt ashes, and outfitted itself to flight test resplendent new wings.  Unlike the fixed-wing (right) Party that torched Father phoenix, its PC scion sports a dynamic duo of BEAUTIFUL, BALANCED wings. This PC heir can soar straight ahead or can streak straight up.  She's a sassy rhapsody in avant-garde, cultural aircraft.  -- Yet, this PC family still wants to be your neighbour, Mr. and Mrs. Canadian Rogers.




Ok, what's in the cards for Canada's re-christened, progressive - conservative confederation?  On its trial run, will PCs solo foray be eventful?  Will her freedom-fighting troopers earn their stripes shooting down old-guard foes?  Can Progressives spoil redux “Reform III’s” blood sport? --By playing Conservative Party poopers, PCs may be serving lunch to Liberal buzzards.




Now, where will the Liberal - crucifying vote swing?  Have mad - as - Hades electors the spite to hang a hard left for Layton's NDP?  No! --Most outraged voters will cotton to hardcore, corporate Harper's Conservatives.  How many rides on whether Canadians choose with sober minds and hearts, not with a blind, rabid hate? If the latter triumphs, then Harper's firm will post mean profits.  This club could form a minority Board, or could dispatch the Liberal's majority dynasty.




So what party would control the power balance? — NDP? -- BQ? Can our fledgling PC phoenix put on enough weight, pronto, to figure in the looming, high - ante power play? If yes, then high fours go to the following Maytag overhaulers. They only wish to keep cultured PCs as your neighbour. --

Rob Shanahan

  Sherry Lavery, Edmonton. 780-450-3303,
Joe Hueglin, Niagara Falls. 905-356-3901,
Al Gullon, Ottawa. 613-738-0712,
Tracy Parsons, Halifax. 902-462-2773,


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