Seniors and the telephone

Tisdale - Thursday, March 19, 2009- by: Ken Styan

Although your article "The demise of the telephone" is interesting and a has lot of logical thinking; I believe you might be a bit premature with your prediction.

It would appear you have forgot (or neglected to mention) the thousands of people who are not computer literate, and either are intimidated by it, or have no desire to own or learn how to use one, specifically and particularly seniors. As you know we have an aging population.

Although I do most of my banking and pay nearly everything on the computer; my wife absolutely refuses to learn how to use this wonderful invention, as do numerous other relatives and friends.

I am aware of independent living seniors that have a problem using the programmed directory in the phone to make calls (they have to look the number up and dial manually) I suspect they would have a very real problem with a computer.

My bank , Sasktel, Saskpower and others continuously solicit me to go paperless for statements, billing, etc. The problem here is, that if I became ill, or incapacitated my wife wouldn't have a clue as to what bills had to be paid, or how "little" money is in the bank. I suspect we /she might end up like the poor lady that had her power/gas cut off for nonpayment.

Yes, I agree with you in principle; but, I believe it will be at least another generation before it comes about (if it does).


Editor's note: Awe yes Ken, I quite agree. The fact of the matter is that the reason the telephone served its purpose so well since 1876 is that there is a need for such a device in our society both then and now. Unfortunately, advertising on the phone, wrong numbers and computer voice answering devices have made the general use, by anyone of any age, almost functionless.

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