Ah yes, the God all-mighty dollar

Ottawa, Ontario - Tuesday, March 6, 2007 - by: Brad Thomson
  Over the years we have seen many an attempt to make a lot of money by bringing Christianity into question. The media jumps all over it, certain Christian groups are outraged, and the seats in the theatres are full as a result. Ah yes, the God all-mighty dollar.
  The various theories that have been presented are either purely hypothetical, or as in the most recent example, are based upon such scant evidence that the case would be thrown out of any kangaroo court. It is remarkable that the Americans could not convict Simpson, Clinton or Jackson, but are always quick to label Jesus as guilty as sin. (In this particular case with the help of a Canadian.) Of course, in truth they are only judging themselves. They purport to be a Christian nation but act as if they are possessed by Satan. Indeed, the Americans are doing more than anyone else to ensure that Armageddon and the return of Jesus are nigh.
  I will not waste time trying to refute this latest attempt to get the people to send their money to the Lord, but I will say this. If Jesus had sex, I don't care. If he was married, I don't care. Jesus was sent here to be human. I have no doubt but that he was. All of this nonsense does nothing to bring Christianity into question.
  I will change my opinion if anyone can write a book that covers the next seven millennia, with hundreds of exact predictions containing names, dates, times and places, and with all of the predictions coming true and none failing. Anyone who could so accurately predict everything over such a long period of time is not simply a very lucky guesser. He, or his Father is the one choosing the course that history will take.
  Whether His Son was married or not.

Brad Thomson


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