seventeen year-old Marc Hall of Oshawa, Ontario

Edmonton - Monday, May 13, 2002 - by: Ron Thornton


Ontario is once again being seen as the land where traditional values are destined to die. For example, a Catholic school student recently wanted to take his boyfriend to the school prom, even though his faith considers homosexuality a sin.




The Ontario Superior Court said he could, but in doing so ignored the rights of the church and its membership to practice their faith as dictated by divine guidance. It isn't a rule, easily overturned by the whims of society and man, rather it's a law of their God as outlined in their Bible. To consider it otherwise would bring into question the whole concept of faith and divinity as practiced by all religions.




The Ontario Human Rights Commission seemed more attuned to this when it ruled earlier this year that a Sikh student could carry a ceremonial knife, or kirpan, one of the five symbols of faith a baptized Sikh is obliged to wear. While the decision would seem to discriminate against those who fear having their children in class with someone "armed", this should also open the door (or Pandora's box) to all students attending public schools in Ontario to wear the symbols of their faith unimpeded.




Yet, while the Human Rights Commission appears to ignore the rights of the majority to accommodate one faith, the Court does the opposite. Its decision serves notice that all faiths might soon be forced to accept the behaviour of some segments of our secular society within their own institutions, regardless as to whether their doctrines consider such behaviour sinful or not.




To each their own, but we can forget about the separation between church and state.


Ron Thornton
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