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Long Political leadership winter

Edmonton - Wednesday, February 27, 2002 - by: Ron Thornton


Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt (pick one) and Jefferson. These are the names of leaders who inspired a nation and democrats world wide. We could learn from our southern neighbours in celebrating our great leaders.




Canada has produced such visionaries as Macdonald, Laurier, King, Diefenbaker, Trudeau, and even Mulroney. Men who led, who inspired, who gave hope, who shared with us a dream and engaged us on an emotional level. While some, even many, may have come to disagree with their philosophies and the direction they took us, there is no doubt that each of these men had a purpose. Each were intent on leaving a very defined legacy.




Compare these leaders to those who sought our confidence in 2000 and who seek to do so again. None seem to emote from us much in the way of positive emotion. None seem to give us hope. None seem to have the ability to solve the great problems of the nation, or even their own parties. However, there may be hope yet.




The Liberals have a known slate of leadership successors at the ready who will get their chance once a potential threat emerges from the conservative ranks. The Progressive Conservatives have yet to identify any immediate successor, their survival pinned to the hope their incumbent proves more attractive than whoever leads the Canadian Alliance.




As for the CA, they need to provide a real leader this spring, one who has a vision, who can give voters hope and the inspiration to share in that vision. Should they fail to provide such a leader to fill the leadership vacuum, then I'm afraid our long political winter will continue.




Ron Thornton
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