Canadian Armed Forces Left Off Santa's 2001 List

Edmonton - Monday, December 24, 2001 - By Ron Thornton
  Dear Editor:


This surely is the season to be jolly, as demonstrated by the year-end yarns of our Prime Minister. Once again his comments had me laughing to the point of having to reach for the Depends. Only our Jean could, with straight-face, tell us how the perception of an ill-equipped Canadian military can be blamed on arms dealers and lobbyists. From what we hear from the US, the UN, the opposition benches and the military itself, the Liberals sure haven't fallen to their siren call.




Our helicopters are rocks with propellers and our equipment is slightly more modern than those boasted by the Vatican's Swiss guards, but don't worry, be happy. Reports that our soldiers have to practice actual target practice because they can't afford any bullets gives comfort only should I find myself accidentally walking across a military range.




Given the colossal allotment of male bovine excrement that appears to be oozing from Sussex Drive maybe we should re-arm our armed forces with honey wagon technology. At least we would never run out of ammunition and our government would never again be accused of not giving a poop about our military.
  Ron Thornton
Edmonton, Alberta