Butting In and Killing the Cat

Edmonton - Saturday, July 13, 2002 - by: Ron Thornton


You would think that municipal governments had nothing better to do. These political wanna-be's appear less interested in providing protection, social, and transportation services, and more involved with critters and butts.




To help get them back on the rails, please allow me. I agree we should be responsible for our pets, especially should they wander off. With folks having to buy licenses and tags and all, you would think the municipality would have been paid enough to afford to call the owner for bail money before Fluffy the Wonder Cat met the Grim Reaper. If the owner doesn't pay, then invoice them for the call and Fluffy's execution on their next city bill. If Fluffy has no license, then she has no legal owner. Go ahead and send her to the Great Beyond without delay.


  On the subject of smoking in private establishments, I have no problem with "big mother" protecting children. However, once we become adults, do we really need government playing "mommy"? If you don't like smoke, don't patronize businesses that allow the weed. If you want a drink, you can buy it cheaper at the liquor store and consume it at home. If you don't like smoke, but like going to the pub or an eatery then find one that is smoke-free. Either that or decide which is more important to you, singing at the karioke, eating wings, or keeping your lungs untarred.
  Now that we've addressed these hot topics, maybe our local politicos can again concentrate on keeping our streets safe, our homes protected, our garbage removed, and similar activities that we actually give a damn about.


Ron Thornton