It's All About Security, Stupid

Edmonton - Monday, November 18, 2002 - by: Ron Thornton

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Security. That is what life is all about. A secure home, a secure environment for your family, and the financial security to make it all possible, is what allows us to grow and develop. Our nation has been a secure home, provided us with a secure environment, with an economy that has allowed us to continue to grow and develop as a civilization. Without such security, we risk losing our way of life. Yet, more and more we see our own government a threat to our security.




My wife and I have been able to provide a healthy home environment for our sons. We live in a relatively safe neighbourhood in a secure home. Still, we watch our power bills sail through the roof and our heating prices likewise sailing skyward despite any increase in the level of consumption. No wonder we view the Kyoto Accord and its anticipated punitive taxes as a threat to our family's security. With our federal Environment Minister blaming the gases produced by seven billion people as a contributing factor to environmental change, we don't feel secure our government has any idea what they are doing.




With brutal prairie winters in the 1880's, a drought in the 1930's, and our present drought conditions demonstrating how fickle our climate can be, we are not secure in the analysis that we are going through anything more than a normal climatic cycle. With those advocating adoption of the Accord; including scientists, environmental industries, provinces, and nations; all having an economic stake in its acceptance, we don't feel secure in the integrity of the decision.




With a United Nations that has sought for years to discover a method to fleece the industrialized world of funds in order to hand it over to those nations that have failed to develop, and promise to do just that under Kyoto, we don't feel secure in the legitimacy of the entire exercise. It is then not surprising that many view our Prime Minister's zeal to charge ahead with adoption of the Kyoto Accord as nothing less than a threat to our security?




There are some very real man-made threats to our way of life and our world. In the fight against terrorism, we've sat on the fence, tried desperately to be seen as nice and cuddly while naively hoping to avoid being perceived as a complete international weakling. For our trouble, the specter of an undead Osama Bin Laden has emerged from the shadows to include us among those nations he targets for attack. As even liberals slowly begin to see the world as it really is, as their rose coloured glasses get smacked from their heads, we are left with the realization that they have run our armed forces down to become nothing more than an underfunded glorified police force, about as ineffective in deterring foreign violence from coming to our shores as our civic police forces have become in their impotence fighting domestic crime. Is it then not surprising that many believe this callow view of the world has lowered our defenses to such a degree that we can no longer stand on guard for me or thee against those foreign operatives who provide a threat to our security?




We see crime on our streets, little visible police presence in our neighbourhoods, an inability to stem the basic lack of respect many demonstrate toward our fellow man, a trait that appears to be growing more prevalent in our society. We must begin to address the basic causes of this, to enforce that we all take responsibility for our actions or lack of action, even if it steps on the toes of political correctness.




If you have a child, for example, then you should be made responsible for the raising of that child and the resulting actions of that child. Regardless as to your origins, your background, or life experiences, there can be no excuse condoned for actions that present a threat to the security of your fellow citizens. There must be real consequences faced by those who present such a threat to society, instead of the meaningless slaps on the wrist that only inflames the contempt such people have towards the rest of us and the rule of law. Have our blind charge toward granting freedoms of all types to people of all types, without demanding that they also accept the responsibilities that preserve such freedoms, provided a threat to our security?




A nation consists of one people, not a mosaic of peoples. I fear what Canada has become is an economic union of diverse people whose only common bond is the hope of security and the promise of opportunity only that can provide. Should the actions of those who govern us removes that sense of security, then they will surely remove the ties that bind us together.




Only a fool would jeopardize their nation's security. Have you noticed any lately?


Ron Thornton




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