Ontario Courts Okay Homosexual Marriage

Edmonton - Tuesday, June 17, 2003 - by: Ron Thornton


It came as great news that Ontario now not only allows homosexual marriage, but its courts have told the Liberals in Ottawa to do the same. Why shouldn't loving couples of any description get a chance to marry? It is a move long over due. It's been over 35-years since Pierre Trudeau observed that


"there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation."


I mean, it is not as if homosexuals will be parading down main street making lewd gestures while wearing skimpy attire or anything.




All this means is that we may finally see the opening of some long closed doors. Where now only two people can marry, maybe we can finally expect the opportunity to have more than one wife or husband or a combination of both. If you love thy neighbours, why can't you embrace and marry them all? It would certainly give new meaning to the term "Block Parent." It should be no one's business what takes place between consenting adults. If Bob's your uncle, who has the right to stand in the way of your romance? My children may soon be informed at school that being gay is as normal, acceptable, and preferable as being one of those nasty heterosexual bigots. Our churches may soon become enlightened enough to abandon the teachings of God, as they interpret them, for the dictates of the state. I can't begin to express my excitement over the prospect of what new definitions or interpretations of the law are next.
  Thanks to the courts and them dear Liberals, we live in a land where anything short of complete adherence to a point of view different from your own is to be intolerant and where unelected judges now decide the law of the land. I am so proud to be Canadian.




Ron Thornton




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