Edmonton - Monday, May 31, 2004 - by: Ron Thornton Marriage, Be It Same Sex, Same Family, Same Harem


Once again we have given witness as to the inescapable logic of Anne McLellan The lone Albertan in Paul Martinís Liberal government has offered the rubes of her province yet another droplet of wisdom by her published quote
"Firewalls are about a very negative and hostile concept in terms of what a province might want to do in relation to its neighbours."


  Of course, it is also a concept already enjoyed by other provinces, such as those that begin with the letters "O" and "Q". Maybe it is that protecting provincial rights, as Ontario and Quebec have done, is not a concept allowed east or west of Upper and Lower Canada. Of course, we have firewalls everywhere. I wager that Anne herself has security alarms at her home and office for the protection of things and people she values, and firewalls to protect her computers. As Justice Minister, I'm sure she had knowledge of the laws, fines, and prisons used as tools of law enforcement, which some might consider somewhat negative and hostile concepts when it comes to allowing them free rein to pursue their personal agendas. However, such things are necessary in our society. Some have learned from lifeís experiences that a federal government just might grossly interfere in areas of provincial jurisdiction, raid the treasury, destroy an industry, and throttle that provinceís economic prosperity. Should we be surprised that anyone, or any province, might wish to protect itself and its constitutional rights in order to prevent such a raid in the future? Would we not be more surprised if they did not?


  Back in 1979 in Rosetown, Saskatchewan, I could drop by Dirk Brothers IGA on my walk home from the morning shift, do my shopping, and have them deliver the goods to my house as I slept. The door was left unlocked, and when I awoke, the dry goods were on the kitchen counter and the perishables had been placed in my fridge. In making their delivery, the person passed by my unlocked car, the one with the keys in the ignition. In those days, I guess I demonstrated a very positive and friendly concept in terms as to what I might want to do in relation to my neighbours. Maybe I felt confident that I could do so in Rosetown in 1979. I do not demonstrate such a concept today. Do you?


  Recently, I left my van unlocked and someone dropped by to do a little shopping. I now keep the vehicle locked. A neighbour of mine recently discovered that even locked doors do not prevent someone from dropping in for a few discounts. I now never leave home without setting the security alarm. Does that mean I am being negative? Might I be acting unfriendly? No, I am just protecting myself from those whose values are somewhat different from my own, from those who seem to demonstrate a concept that lacks respect for what is mine.


Ron Thornton

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