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Sammamish, Washington - Wednesday, August 25, 2004 - by: Joseph Toe
   The article from January 19, 2003 explaining President Bush's solution to reduce medical costs by reducing jury awards for malpractice neglected to mention the biggest culprit and the largest benefactor in the entire equation, that being the ambulance chasing lawyers. You only need to look to the career of Senator, now Vice-Presidential Candidate Edwards as to how he collected his millions of dollars, that as a matter of public record. Lawyers like Senator Edwards have gotten fat off a system that carries no restrictions and unlimited rewards for those who abuse it.


I agree that those who are receiving the majority of the shaft are the general public and the majority of good doctors who are punished because of an irresponsible minority. The insurance companies will continue to pass along the cost to their insured and in malpractice insurance to the doctors who need to have it to stay in business. The resistence to find a solution to this problem comes from both sides of the congressional aisle. Republicans and Democrats. From the many lawyers from both sides of the congressional aisle who've filled their billfolds to the brim through the suffering of hard working Americans.
  My orthopedic physician left Washington State because of the high cost of malpractice insurance. I will have to find another qualified surgeon if more surgery is required due to my spinal condition.
  The problem as I see it is pure greed. Pure greed of lawyers and the lawyers in the US Congress and Senate who write and pass the laws with only their personal interest in mind. It is so easy in this day and age to put the blame on the "evil" giant corporate insurance companies without even a mention of the real problem and largest benefactor of a broken system. I see it as government of the lawyer, by the lawyer, and for the lawyer.




 I believe President Bush's plan is a good start. But at this point it is only talk, and talk without action amounts only to status quo.
  Thank you for taking the time to read my comments. I realize the article I'm referring to is old at this point, but the problem is the same now, or possibly worse than at the time of the January, 2003 article. 


Joseph Toe



deSantis, Mario, Bush's Tort Reform to Quick-Fix Higher Medical Insurance Premiums: Cap on jury awards, no frivolous lawsuits, limited punitive damages, January 19, 2003, Ensign





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