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candidate in Calgary Rev. Bill Phipps and Canadian Alliance leader Stephen Harper


Stephen Harper Needs Lesson In Civility

Vancouver - Saturday, May 11, 2002 - by: Michael Watkins




In his article, "He makes Harper think uncharitable thoughts" (The Globe and Mail May 7, 200), Jeffrey Simpson writes that Canadian Alliance leader Stephen Harper used the word "despise" to describe how he feels for Calgary Southwest by-election candidate the Reverend Bill Phipps. No doubt we will forever wonder what the Reverend Bill Phipps has done, said, or thought, to provoke such malevolence from Mr. Harper. He could do worse than to accept a lesson in civility taught by one who is no longer with us.




Eulogizing at the funeral of his father, Justin Trudeau spoke of a lesson well learned as a result of a "generic silly little grade school" joke he once made about Joe Clark.


"My father looked at me sternly with that look I would learn to know so well, and said: 'Justin, never attack the individual. We can be in total disagreement with someone without denigrating them as a consequence.' [It] was at that point that I understood that having opinions that are different from those of another does not preclude one being deserving of respect as an individual," Justin said.








Michael Watkins

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