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Clark supports the less able

Hamilton, Ontario - Tuesday, July 5, 2002 - by: Mark Alan Whittle

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To a reasoned and caring Ontarian, Joe Clark is the only leader of today who can be trusted to do what is right for hard working Canadians from coast to coast. Joe Clark has committed his life to the betterment of Canada and has invested the sweat equity necessary to stand for the leadership of the Federal Conservatives and be Prime Minister of Canada. He should be rewarded with our support at the polls for his commitment to Canada with policies that enhance our quality of life.




I'm a family man with a less able son who is compelled by conviction to support a leader who will put my son and his needs first. All I have ever wanted is for Logan to get a fair shake like any other Canadian child. Other less capable leaders like Chretien and Harper talk a good policy game for the less able, yet it's a constant battle to meet their needs and those of the families that care for them.


Under Chretien's corrupt liberal regime, support for Canada's less able has gone from a 50/50 partnership to less than 15 percent support today.




Joe has a vision for Canada that includes an increase in support for the less able. Joe's vision for the betterment of society through fiscal responsibility confirms the foundations of Canadian socialism in a clear and responsible way. Joe's caring and progressive conservatism and notions of inclusion and equality are like a breath of fresh air for this proud Canadian and a dream we should all aspire to.




Mark Alan Whittle